Indig. Co.


With an extensive two-decades legacy, our company has become a trusted partner for some of Canada's largest organizations, earning a distinguished reputation for content creation.
We pride ourselves on a rich tapestry of collaborations, from crafting compelling TV ads that leave lasting impressions to developing insightful and engaging documentaries and educational series for institutions nationwide.


At the core of our productions lies a deep commitment to diversity and cultural sensitivity, exemplified by our longstanding engagement with Indigenous communities. We take pride in amplifying their stories with authenticity and respect, establishing ourselves as the perfect partner for your project. With a wealth of experience, creativity, and a profound understanding of diverse narratives, we are dedicated to bringing these voices to the forefront with passion and purpose.


  • Skawahlook First Nation
  • Metis Nation British Colombia
  • Ocean Networks Canada
  • CBC
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • APTN
  • Gitga’at First Nation
  • Yunesit'in First Nation
  • United Way
  • National Women’s Association of Canada
  • Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nation
  • Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology...